Spring is in the air, kids outside are playing, and moms everywhere are getting ready to transform their homes from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter! If you are anything like me you have a ton of décor for Halloween and Christmas, but when it comes to Easter – not so much! Not to worry! I am full of ideas for adorable designs on a budget and last minute too!

One of the best ways to add some fast and inexpensive creativity to your Easter Design is to use a few Adorable Easter Bunny Vases. Yes Easter Peeps in your décor! I know its wild! Does anyone actually eat the peeps? No? Same here! They are so cute but I never see kids actually eat them – I cannot count the amount of times I have thrown out colorful hard marshmallows in the months after Easter. This is a really great way to use these iconic Easter treats!

You have to admit when you think Easter don’t you think about a few things immediately? Jesus, bunnies, honey ham, the movie Hop, and peeps right? Now you can add Adorable Easter Bunny Vases to the list of things that come to mind.

To pull off this decorating hack all you need to do is go to your local dollar store and take a stroll down that infamous glass vase aisle. You can also play around with vase size and shape! If you are looking for higher quality vases check out AtHome, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels.

Supplies Needed:

Glass Vase of your choice

Jelly Beans (Optional)

Easter Grass (Optional)

Toilet Paper Rolls

Hot Glue

Peeps (Chickens or Bunnies – I like to do a few of both and spread them around the house)

Spring Faux Flowers

Putting together Adorable Easter Bunny Vases is a piece of cake!

1. I like to use hot glue to secure the toilet paper roll in the center of the vase. This will provide stability for the flowers. Make sure that you allow a few moments to pass before you continue with the next step – to allow time for the glue to dry.

2. If you would like to incorporate jelly beans into your design you can add a small layer to the bottom of the vase around the outside of the glued toilet paper roll.

3. Gently layer the Bunny Peeps inside and around the base of the toilet paper roll. Feel free to play with the amount and placement of layers based off the size of your vase and your own preferences.

4. Insert your flower bouquet into the toilet paper role, fluff and place!

5. Display your Adorable Easter Bunny Vases for everyone to see! Spread that Cheer!

I hope you all enjoy this simple DIY décor hack! One thing is for sure it will put those marshmallow peeps to good use – but despite that you will still be throwing away their rock hard little iconic bodies months after Easter!