You don’t have to know me well to know that I obsess over the holiday seasons all year long! I also listen to holiday music all year long – I know I am THAT crazy person. I don’t care it makes me happy! This Danny Elman Mystical Playlist is a collection of music written by Danny Elfman that tops all other songs!

I created this play list about 6 years ago after my husband made me a customer beach cruiser to ride around on. Every day in the early morning or early evening I would go for a long bike ride listening to this collection of songs. The feel of the crisp fall air on my face and the relaxing tones of Elfmans style was all I needed to start or end my day the right way.

Naturally, this is also my go to playlist when decorating for Halloween. One of the things I love about Elfman’s music is it is very instrumental, these songs are songs you can feel. Most of the time there are minimal or no vocals so its the perfect background music too!

The Danny Elfman Mystical Playlist is complied of songs that you may recognize from the cult classic Halloween movies that we all know and love! Some of the best songs come from Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Frankenweenie, Edward Scissorhands and Tim Burtons Corpse Bride.

Danny Elfman Mystical Playlist

I would love to hear from my followers – leave a comment with your favorite Danny Elfman songs. I add to my playlists all year round. I left Nightmare Before Christmas off this list – because its not mystical! Its Christmas! If you are looking for a more Robust Danny Elfman Mystical Playlist check the January Designs and Creations on Spotify! You can find plenty of holiday themed music there year round!